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With a portfolio that stretches from coast to coast and a 60-year history excelling in the field of retail development, the Cafaro Company is one of the largest privately held shopping center owners in the United States. Asked to create a fresh new look for the Cafaro Company print brochure, IDGB first sought to fully understand Cafaro’s current situation and unique challenges. A series of visioning sessions showed how the Cafaro Company is evolving to meet the changing needs of their markets and how it is propelling the company into the future.

Video Testimonials

Esther Buschau
Director, Corporate Marketing | The Cafaro Company

Joseph Bell
Director, Corporate Communications | The Cafaro Company

Rebranding Campaign Elements


Based on the insight gained in the visioning sessions, IDGB created a rebranding campaign that captures the company’s vibrant connection with the markets and positions Cafaro as a developer that is transforming the in-person shopping experience.

Print Campaign

“It is an incredible privilege to work with the idGroup. They listen, learn and look deeply at your business before initiating their unique vision, guidance and creativity. Their strategic process results in a creative collaboration in which you genuinely feel your ideas have been enriched and beautifully executed. At times I have felt as though the idGroup could read my mind because their designs were so close to our vision. I would recommend their expertise to anyone in our industry because they understand real estate, its challenges, its strengths and most importantly its opportunities.”
Esther Buschau
Marketing Director | The Cafaro Company