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Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank has served Northeastern Pennsylvania for over a century. As the nation’s economic climate shifted in 2008, the Bank responded to this challenge, developing a strategic plan that would create a solid foundation for the future. Key to this strategy was transforming the Bank’s culture to one of growth, professionalism and commitment.

“Our success at Fidelity Bank has exceeded the 100 year history of the Bank, and I do believe that has a lot to do with the execution of a brand strategy that idGroup was very involved in. They have given us a solid foundation to build upon going forward.”
Daniel J. Santaniello
President & CEO | Fidelity Bank


When asked to produce a video that would reaffirm to employees what the bank stands for, IDGB understood that a video alone would not be enough to engage employees in culture change. To begin to transform behaviors, we suggested taking a bottom-up approach. We began by creating a dynamic engagement program that gave employees a voice in developing the core values and vision that would guide the Bank’s future. We then gathered their stories into a powerful video presentation that brought to life what those values mean to them and designed an employee manual that laid out the Bank’s vision and values in an emotional context.

Video Testimonials

Dan Santaniello | President & CEO

Joann Marsili | VP, Director of Marketing


Since the engagement program was instituted, the Bank has achieved a 40.8% increase in net income despite a challenging economic environment. According to Bank CEO, Dan Santaniello, much of this success was directly related to the initiatives recommended and implemented by IDGB.

FORWARD | 2011 Annual Report

IDGB has continued to tell Fidelity Bank’s story through its annual reports. Using a bold, clear style to articulate the Bank’s vision and values, Forward provides insight into what these values stand for and how they are the foundation of the Bank’s success.

INFOCUS | 2012 Annual Report

InFocus highlights how Fidelity’s knowledgeable bankers strategically deliver the Fidelity Customer Experience anytime, anywhere, providing customer experiences that are second to none.

IMPACT | 2013 Annual Report

At Fidelity Bank, it’s all about the customer. The Relationship Experience is the focus of Impact, which features clients who tell how their businesses have benefited because of the expert financial guidance provided by Fidelity Bank’s advisers.

PURPOSE | 2014 Annual Report

Fidelity Bank is an organization with a Purpose – contributing to the economic vitality of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The 2014 annual report tells how an investment in Fidelity Bank builds prosperity and is a long-term investment in the community’s future.

UNIQUE | 2015 Annual Report

Fidelity Bank’s achievements are the result of a unique, purposeful vision. Unique uses a novel graphic approach to illustrate how the Bank’s singular culture and intelligence drive its continued success.