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First Citizens Community Bank has consistently ranked as one of the top performing community banks in the nation and has been recognized by industry leaders as the #1 lender in their markets for mortgages, small business and agriculture. IDGB has worked with First Citizens since 2002, enhancing its brand appeal and highlighting its business units through coordinated print, radio and television campaigns.

Video Testimonial

Kathleen Campbell
SVP, CFMP | First Citizens Community Bank

“I can get newspaper ads in other places. I can get postcards in other places.What I can’t get, is somebody who is listening to what I have to say, thinks outside the box, and really takes it to another level.”
Kathleen Campbell
SVP, CFMP | First Citizens Community Bank


When the Bank sought to ramp up its home equity loan portfolio, IDGB looked for the root cause of the problem. The key issue was that customers were having a difficult time getting quotes from contractors. IDGB came up with a unique solution. Local contractors were asked to provide an average cost per square foot for typical home improvement projects such as siding, roofing, remodeling, etc. Using that information, an online calculator was developed making it easy for customers to determine the cost of their project simply by selecting a rate and entering the project’s length and width.



First Citizens’ custom calculators now assist customers in their home improvement, home equity and mortgage loan purchasing decisions. By simplifying and speeding up the loan process, the calculators have helped First Citizens generate new leads and are now integral to the Bank’s home loan marketing initiatives.